About TVI


Technical Vision Inc. is a medical equipment company that designs and manufactures mobility aids based on two technologies- light and lasers-  that are being applied to develop assistive devices to enable visually impaired users to take control of their environment by increasing safety, confidence, freedom of movement and quality of life.

  • Lighting provides preview so that visually impaired users can see and avoid obstacles and other hazards in the travel path that can lead to injuries from tripping and falling.
  • Laser sensors enable users to avoid collisions with objects and obstacles that can cause injury from tipping, tripping and falling.

Technical Vision, in partnership with the Salus University’s College of Education and Rehabiliation and Pennsylvania College of Optometry, is developing practical, affordable and easy-to-use mobility aids to assist users with vision impairments such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, retinitis pigmentosa and diabetic retinopathy to carry out everyday activities in and outside of the home with greater confidence and independence.

Technical Vision’s assistive devices help persons with vision loss to detect and avoid obstacles that place them at risk of tripping or falling.  Low vision profoundly affects the ability to adjust to changes in lighting and glare that interfere with depth perception and contrast sensitivity, making it difficult or impossible to see ground-level obstacles such as stairs, curbs, broken sidewalks, ramps and shadows.

Technical Vision transforms ideas into products by working closely with low vision rehabilitation therapists, occupational therapists and orientation and mobility specialists who bring professional experience and insight into patient needs that the company applies to the design, testing and development of innovative and practical mobility aids.

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